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KansasArtists and Other Indepented Folk

Cruel and Unusual
Top City Records
3rd F.E.L.O.N. Entertainment
Stik Figa
Lowkey a.k.a. Philly Pri$e
D Dot
D.J. Llamas
The Cosigners

Places That I find myself going

E-Bay Bid for stuff!!!
Playstation the black box many are enslaved to
Use CDRWIN to Copy Playstations Games!!!
FHM online Guy stuff
Maxim Magazine mo' guy stuff
Agent Provocateur Low Riders and stuff. great animation!!!
The Mouse Odometer
Something to think about beware and shiver
Mr.T Vs. Everything See Mr. T battle everything imaginable!
Zthing Funny stuff!
Streetlow More Low riders
IceBox! More funny Stuff
Low Times more low rider stuff
Get the Clarence Update
Did I read that sign right? All the Gaming info you need!
All Dreamcast All the time! for cheaters Like you and me!!

Sims 2 stuff

The Sims 2 main site
Mod The Sims 2