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Q:What Are the Origins?

A: The Origins are my first colection of songs to be released.

I've added 2 new track to Origins please go to and give my tracks a listen or BUY the Cd if you want!

Track List

Here is the track List for Origins:
1 Topeka
2 Electrolosis
3 What Summer Is For
4 Bright Shinny Nothing
5 A Little House
6 Bongo Bounce
7 Astral Plane
8 My Srceaming Day Dream
9 When?
10 when? (hip-hop remix)

NEW Unofficial Stuff

Please go to audio galaxy and do a search for ghostmbg3
Get the latest unoffical releases and remixes
06-29 New Unofficial Track: Last Stop
06-29 New Unofficial track: Simply 4 the suckas

Music To Come in the future

I'm working on my next CD as right now. The first song titled Full Farce Will kind of show the direction that I plan on going in. As of yet this ablum will be heavy on the Drum N bass and my have some techo/house tracks but will have a whole lot more original material.
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