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Non Music Links!!

Places To Go People To Do


Netflix rent DVDS!
Dvd talk a discussion forum
E-Bay Bid for stuff!!!
Playstation the grey box many are enslaved to
Use CDRWIN to Copy Playstations Games!!!
Get CDRWIN copy stuff, like playstation games
FHM online Guy stuff
Maxim Magazine mo' guy stuff
Agent Provocateur Low Riders and stuff. great animation!!!
The Mouse Odometer
Something to think about beware and shiver
Mr.T Vs. Everything See Mr. T battle everything imaginable!
Zthing Funny stuff!
Streetlow More Low riders
IceBox! More funny Stuff
Low Times more low rider stuff
Get the Clarence Update
Did I read that sign right?
WWf Divas They'll put the smack down on you!
Bear In The Big Blue House! Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.... All the Gaming info you need!
All Dreamcast All the time!
SearsBuy stuff like a playstaion or a dreamcast for cheaters Like you and me!!

Final Fantasy & Gundam Wing

Final Fantasy the Movie!!
Final Fantasy Online info about the FF saga
Gundam Plus

Kansas Stuff

State Of Kansas Web Page
Pitch Weekly
KPRS Hot 103 Jamz!! Don't for get to slam that z!
Topeka Capitol Journal Find info about movies, clubs, jayhawks .etc
My Sister's web site! KSNT TV 27

Web Page Creation

A beginers guide to HTML
24 hr html cafe
Acid Cool Free Fonts
Shareware and Freeware Fonts
Tripod get a free web page Ulead get Cool 3D!
JASC makers of paint shop pro
Building with frames


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