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Music Page Heading
Welcome to my music page. This page is a hopefully will be a good resource to on free .wav files, Akai, Magix, Acid sutff. Also including My own .wav files.
Its been awhile but I will try to make every effort to update this site! Please email me (see bottom of page) if you think I need to add some sites!


Earthstation 1-Lots of Space, Sci-fi, & Historic Sounds
The WAV Emporium-Movie & TV Wavs, South Park, and other Sounds
The WAV Place-Movie and Cartoon Souns
Sounds from Apollo 11
B.A.T.s Beat Box Lots of beats in .wav and akai format
E-Labs Offical Homepage Lots of Zipped .wav files
Phatso's Place Free Funky Drum loops and Samples Lots of free beats and breaks
electronisounds.comfree .wavd and Akai .td0s of electronic sounds
J P Hovercraft's Mellotron Sample Page get Cool mellotron sounds!
Samplenet lots of beats, and other sounds
Pocketfuel free drum loops
Partnes In Rhyme various sounds and loops


Akai's Home Page
Maxim's Akai Disk
Akai Samplers Mailing List
Wav_Akai 98


Magix Home Page


Sonic Foundry's Home Page
Acid Planet
Acidizer Add-on Audio editor for acid
Thnaks to Xavier Jefferson for submitting this site.


Voyetra'sHome page Home

Sample Cd's

Magma Lab this is cheap Sample CD ($18.00) has tons of useable sounds
Big Fish Audio you know the name, you know the product!
web site. tons of sample cd's for sale!
Kid Nepro has lots of sound for all your needs on all types of machines

Gerneral Sites

Harmony Central
Sonic State Get new gear! Tools, tips, & tricks 4 samplists (like you and me :)
Software-Technology get Vaz1.7!!! for about $30.00 it will change your life!

My Stuff

A Techno Beat
Same Beat With Another Sound
Still Same Beat With Alpha Juno 1 Voice Pad
Alpha Juno 1 Siren Sound
Alpha Junio 1 High String Sound
Tr-707 bass drum sound
Tr-707 pattern

Break of the week

Here is a new section of breaks I will try to give you a new break every week
Message from the Soul Sisters
Da Hiphug a jungle break of Hiphugger
One last note from now on all my stuff will be in mp3 format just to save file space.
Please get MMWave to convert my sounds to .wav format

Here is my first MP3 11pm. I Let me know if like it.
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If you have any .Wavs that you want showcased or music information that should be added please email me