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This Is Alot About Me,

Which You Didn't Want To Know But Found Out Any Way!

Name: Marcus B. Gomez (Yeah, like I'm going to tell you what the B stands for!)
Born: Feb 6, 1974
Status:Married!!! Parents: Mom: who I suck I money off of, Dad: deceased. I now I have a stepdad.
Siblings: Brother: deceased, I now I have step brother.
Aspirations: I haven't figured that out yet!
Hobies: and sampling beats! HTML but I'm not sure?
Favorite Food:Anything that made Moo, Cluck, or Gobble Gobble sound?
Not So Favorite Food: Peas, Potatoes, Greenbeans.
Gallbladder: Removed.
Education: Silverlake Highschool, Silverlake, Ks, Emporia State University Emporia, Ks, Washburn University, Topeka, KS

Actual Yearbook Photo!
My Favorite Yearbook Picture.
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